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i was wondering why i got a bunch of messages today. thanks guys for the DD. :lol: this marks my 8th across both my accounts, i think. yay!

i kinda feel guilty for like never, y'know, being active ever. i'd love to get back into deviantart but i don't have time for anything lately. i'm currently balancing a graphic design internship and crushing amounts of college work sooo. :B

back to heaps of college work 'n stuff. c:
when'd they add thumbnail support in comments? that's mega cool.
Okay, so I know I haven't been active in forever and I'm a dick for doing this but there's this contest I entered… and I'm a finalist now but instead of letting the staff choose, like every other contest anywhere else, they're letting the community choose who wins from the list of finalists which is unfair. It's unfair because there's people who belong to huge clans that are like "alright, i entered this thing. vote for me." so I just wanna make it even. c:

So I'm asking anyone with a World of Tanks account (or you can just make one to vote ;D ) (Though I'm not sure many people have one, hence the title of this journal ;_; ) to vote for me here:…
Alls you need to do is upvote my entry by "Milks"

Since the staff member in charge didn't post the fullest quality version of the picture I sent in, here:

Alright, sorry for the whoring.  :<
was crazy. just got power back after 4 days of being out.
HEEEEELLLOOOO. (Don't mind any spelling/grammar mistakes, it's 2am)

I haven't made a journal since my birthday, golly-jee that's terrible stone me to death!

K so, updates, right, that's why I'm doing this.


I've whined about to too much to my friends and family enough but not to you guys! Here I go. (I'll make it short I promise) I hate the people. I hate the weather. I hate the guilt! Gonna sound like an ass when I say this but I hate everyone there. They're loud, they're annoying, they're up til 4am in the morning drinking in the dorms and stomping in the hallways while I'm trying to sleep for my 8:30am classes. So I'm a super-mega-pro-awesome shutin who does work all day long. I've made a few friends and by that I mean like one and half. But I don't really care about making friends there because I already have close friends from high school who I keep in contact with daily through the powers of Skype. Which means I won't go crazy in my hole! Yay! I'll also be transferring out into my first choice next year. So my main priority is keeping grades up.

Positives: The work is manageable and I'm doing very well. My roommate isn't an asshole! I mean the only things he's done that I didn't find too nice is when he did some girl in our room while I was sleeping in which woke me up. Which I promptly gave him a schedule on when he could have sex. (No, seriously) Also breaking out weed to roll up and storing alcohol in the fridge. I really don't see the appeal in weed; it smells like absolute shit and takes centuries to remove the stink.
The food is decent. (Better than anything I can cook)
The Professors aren't assholes! I've heard horror stories from people about terrible professors and I'm grateful that none of mine are assholes.


New York Comic-Con

I'm gonna be taking a train into New York on Saturday with a friend of mine. This'll be my second convention ever and by the looks of the showroom map, it's about a hundred times bigger than AnimeNEXT and a 100% more serious-face about its cosplay and fandoms. The booths, thousands and thousands of booths! My wallet won't be able to handle all of it. ;-;

So if you're going, and you end up finding a scrawny kid in glasses wearing a grey backpack with League of Legends pins and dA pins on his backpack strap, standing next to an asian kid, that'll most likely be me. Say hi to me because I've never met someone from dA before. ;D
I'll be there all day from like 8 to 10, probably. I'll be in the anime section be indecisive about purchases 'n such. ;-;

Sheesh this all makes me sound like a loser.

My life is k. How you guys doing? I'm sorry for always being inactive. I always say this but I might become more active soon enough; college seems to both make me extremely busy but also give me more time than I can ever imagine.

Now I should go sleep..
I don't feel like an adult. Help me. What cool hip things can I do now? :c

I got myself a 3 day pass and going all 3 days. Soon my anime convention virginity will be UTTERLY CRUSHED, along with my wallet with all the figure hunting/useless other merch I'm gonna wanna get.
So uhh... ya. I downloaded the Photoshop CS6 beta and... Adobe renamed Photoshop?

It's kind of cool, I think? I'm really curious to know what all the other CS6 programs will be named.

If you want the beta trial here 'ya go:…
How you all doing this fine 12:09AM?

edit: Sudden realization that my icon makes every comment that I post look reeeeally creepy. :lol:

Srsly, they're emoticons, they're meant to be used not just to be looked at. :U

It's like if I made candy. I don't wanna see people just look at the candy, I WANNA SEE PEOPLE EAT MY CANDY. IT GIVES ME ENDOLPHINS, BRO.

So ya, you can give credit if you want to and use it anywhere you want. Which means yes you can use it for your website/program/forums/etc. Just, ya' know, don't claim they're yours, don't use them commercially blah blah blah. (If you're going to use them commercially then you should probably let me know.)

Basically don't be a complete scumbag and I'll be fine with it. ;D

I hate  them. Make them go away, please. :c

You squish them, the scent makes more come.
You flush it, it comes up the toilet.
You scare it, it smells bad.
If it's cold out, they don't die.

Who gave me a 3 month? O:

Thank you so much to who ever did. ;-;
Is amazing.
My wonderfully amazing Graphics class teacher is takin' our class to the Jacob Javits Center in New York for a Photo Expo next month and I'm happy. :3

Has any of you been to said expo or plan on going? @__@
how ru?
Okay peoples. Do you remember that Obama Vs McCain flash I did like 2 years ago? WELL! I was on my youtube account and I was like, "HAY! Y don't I post some flashes on my account foar views." but first what dawn upon me was if someone else who saw it on NG posted it on youtube.

WELL! A few people did, aaaand one guy who did got 800k+ views on it. So now I'm panicking saying to myself. "OMGGSADSSDFSDASDA I MADE SOMETHING MORE THAN 800,000 PEOPLE SAW??????" but I'm also kinda sad that, that guy took it without permission. <.> I'll just go ask if he can put a link to the NG version of it or something.

Oh, and here it is if you don't believe me.…

Personally, I'm surprised I didn't find this out earlier. :L
I log into dA to see layout #782. Why fix things that aren't broken. I miss the old old old old layout, nice and simple. :<
ANOTHER? O: Thanks so much for the DD ROBlNHOOD and catluvr2! This is my 6th one in total. :<>

This makes me wanna make some emotes. :<

(I just need to think first :U)

Oh yea, thanks to the 43 people who gave me a Llama Badge! :L
It's snowing.

I love MW2 also. (for the PS3 of course)</sub>